We are the collaboration of Carol Liljedahl and Angie Froke, a Mother and Daughter team. We started Raised by Wolves Studios in late 2016. Since then, it has grown and changed and so have we. Together we share a love of faerie tales, antiques, dolls, oddities, folklore art and certain randomness that just can't be categorized. Basally, we make what takes our fancy. Because we each have our own set of strengths, we are able to combine own personal talents and create items that neither could do on our own. Carol is charged of sewing and fabrics, and Angie takes on most of the painting.

Our main focus is creating soft sculpture art dolls and fine art with a whimsical, magical feeling. Many of our creations have a sense of nostalgic and spark of childhood influence. Like the  stories you find in Faerie Tales and Folklore, we strive to create unique items that are both beautiful and a little dark.

We hope you enjoy our collection of creations and look to our blog to follow the evolution of our work.


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